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Implementing Oracle HRMS

Implementation takes place after a successful installation of the system, and describes the process you follow to customize Oracle HRMS to meet your own specific business needs.

Warning: Before you begin implementing Oracle HRMS, you must ensure your legislation-specific startup data is installed. The installation is normally done by the MIS Manager.

You must confirm the startup data is installed before you use Elements, Payment Methods or Legislation Specific Flexfield Structures.

For more information on installing Oracle HRMS you should consult your Oracle Applications Installation Manual.

Following a Plan

With Oracle HRMS you choose the functions you want to implement initially. You implement other functions when you need to use them.

For example, you might decide to implement initially for HR users and then to add payroll processing capabilities in a subsequent phase. Alternatively, you might decide to implement payroll functions during your initial phase. You could choose to extend your range of HR information and functions later.

The flexibility of Oracle HRMS lets you develop an implementation project plan which meets your own specific business needs for both Oracle Human Resources and Oracle Payroll.

Attention: Decision making is an important part of any implementation process and before you begin to customize Oracle HRMS you must decide how you want to use the system.

Adopting a staged, or incremental, approach to implementation lets you focus on those areas of the system you want to use.

Working in partnership with Oracle you can call on skilled consultants to provide you with all of the training, and technical and professional expertise you need. Together you can successfully implement a HRMS system that matches your specific business needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard

You may want to use the Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard to manage your setup activities. The Implementation Wizard guides you through the setup steps for the applications you have installed, suggesting a logical sequence that satisfies cross-product implementation dependencies and reduces redundant setup steps. The Wizard also identifies steps you can complete in parallel to help you manage your implementation process most efficiently. For Oracle HRMS, the Wizard follows the steps documented in the following Implementation Steps topic.

The Implementation Wizard also gives you a graphical overview of the setup steps and lets you keep a record of comments with each step for future reference and review.

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